To invite a foreigner from abroad to Japan


Guy with visa entering in Japan

A Comprehensive Guide

There are two primary methods to invite a foreigner from abroad to Japan:
1) Direct application at Japanese embassies or consulates,
2) Obtaining a “Certificate of Eligibility for Residence” in Japan.

The first method can be extensive due to the coordination required between Japanese embassies, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and the Immigration Bureau. Consequently, it’s seldom utilized.
For professional visits, except “short-term stays,” method two is typically preferred. The Minister of Justice issues this certificate, which confirms the foreigner’s activities meet Japan’s landing conditions.
Having this certificate expedites the visa process. Entities, be it companies, relatives, or legal representatives, must apply at the Immigration Bureau in Japan. Once dispatched, it aids in a swift visa application abroad.

Arriving in Japan with a valid visa usually results in the grant of the residency status as per the “Certificate of Eligibility.”
However, this doesn’t guarantee entry. Situations like post-issuance discoveries or embassy interview concerns can deny visa issuance.
Additionally, it’s vital to note the certificate’s three-month expiry if unused. Proper scheduling before application is paramount.